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Friday, June 22, 2012


Hey there bloggers,

I have decided I wanted to share all of my cooking and baking successes with you!!

You should probably know right off the bat that I am a bottomless pit!! I eat a ton. Way too much to be even near normal! So this should be easy. Just bake the food, take a picture or two, then blog about the food with the recipes and a back story, then...DIG IN!!

I can already tell this is just going to be just the greatest experience for me!

The good thing for me is that I am a gymnast. So I can eat a lot without gaining pretty much any weight at all because I work out 5 days a week! Also I got the fast metabolism from my Dad, So...

Life is good!!

Honestly I have no idea how I could live without being able to eat like an elephant everyday!!

Okay I guess I should stop blabbering over here in lala land and get to what this message is all about. My blog. On my blog i will be posting recipes and pictures of the food I cook and bake. Also I will add a back story to that post as well. And lastly knowing me there will probably be a few posts about my basic life...that is if it's even interesting at the moment.

Well anyways,
                         Happy eating!!  ~Chloe


  1. Cpmgratulations!!!!
    I just started a blog about 4 months ago too!
    BTW, I love your template design.

  2. Thank You!! I am very sorry i have not updated my bogs with any recipes yet... I am on vacation. But when i get home i will update it right away!!